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R&J Coatings And Waterproofing, Inc. (R&J) was incorporated in November, 1982.  We began as a roofing contractor, specializing in Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roof systems.  It was through our dedication to quality service that we built a base of long-term customers.  

In working with the needs of our clients, we realized that concrete repair needs were on the horizon.  We began seeing concrete spalling, rusting rebar, etc - all evidence that these buildings needed immediate attention.  There were very few companies specializing in this type of work.  With the desire to accommodate the needs of our clients, R&J elected to fit the niche.  We began working toward solving the problems that were being created by nature in this very harsh environment, the most corrosive area in the United States.  

In the late 80's, we developed a team capable of handling all facets of concrete restoration and waterproofing problems.  We work with the latest materials created by some of the largest manufacturers in our field - Sonneborn, MasterBuilder, Sto, and Sika.   With these materials, and with the craftsmanship that we developed, we created the workforce that we have today.  

No two structures deteriorate exactly the same way. The repair procedure for each is developed individually to restore structural integrity. This is our primary consideration. Once a long-term repair procedure has been developed, then aesthetic aspects are addressed—if they are an important consideration to the customer. 


Steven Johnson, with the company since 1987, Shareholder and Board Member since 1990, President since April, 2000. Ken Nicholls, with the company since 1985, Shareholder and Board Member since 1990, Vice President since April, 2000. 


Our commitment to quality projects is proven by our employee training program. 
Information on the latest products and procedures are provided, as well as safety information by utilizing the following: 
  • International Concrete Repair Institute, industry leaders across the nation, providing educational surveys and informational meetings.
  • World of Concrete trade show, demonstrating the latest products available, and training seminars.
  • Monthly Safety meetings are held at the corporate office (attendance required by all) addressing all facets of job safety for employees and customers alike.  Guest speakers are often utilized to provide different facets of safety management.  This has resulted in an excellent safety record within the corporation.

    "To be a leader in the industry, satisfying our customer's needs and more."



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