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Wind...rain...salt...concrete...steel... a combination that creates a unique challenge.

Once considered to be the job of a maintenance man, the repair of rusting rebar in a highly corrosive area has meant that many older structures are in an unnecessarily dilapidated state.  The facts are such that cheap repairs by unknowing craftsmen will lead to very expensive future repairs, sometimes even total loss of the structure.

Building owners and managers are slowly being educated to understand the meaning of restoration.  Unfortunately, most are not ready for the cost associated with structural rehabilitation.  With new building codes on the horizon, education at both building official levels & state inspector levels will mean that band aid repairs will no longer be tolerated where there are public safety concerns. 

As a leader in the field of concrete restoration, R&J can benefit building owners and managers from both the knowledge of our personnel and the application of the latest materials.  Today's repair mortars offer a product which is more dense, and is stronger, providing a better overall repair.  Deck coatings which offer elastomeric waterproofing abilities serve as an insurance to protect the investment in the concrete. 

When we elect to repair a percentage of a deck, we have elected to not repair the remaining percentage.  Economic methods of repair dictate that tap testing is done to the existing balcony decks which reveal hollow areas where demolition is necessary.  The corrosion which is now exposed in the reinforcing members are "chased" until clean steel is revealed.  The patch terminates at this location.  Upon completion of this patch, we have an area which will not deteriorate for many years to come; however, we have also created a hot spot in the adjacent concrete.  These areas will be the next repairs needed under normal circumstances.  This may be 3 years, 5 years, even 10 years from that repair period.  

A professional restoration company should create a blueprint for concrete repair. This blueprint should involve a design professional, ie: structural engineer or architect, a scope of work based on the entire structure, and a method of completing the project in a professional and economic fashion.  



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