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Americano Beach Resort
Daytona Beach


Americano Beach ResortThe Americano Beach Resort was originally built as a hotel property, which became a  timeshare facility in 1997.  R&J has been the chosen contractor on many projects dating back to 1987.

The lobby project consisted of the design, demolition, American Beach Resort lobby area and  reconstruction of a 10,000 sq. ft. area while the building was open for business.  This proved to be a big challenge, and turned out to be a great success.


Americano Beach Resort East elevationConcrete restoration on the underside of the pool deck resulted in large areas of full depth concrete repair topped with a heat reflecting Kooldeck. 

The hurricanes of 2004 severely tested the storefronts protecting the unit interiors.  The leakage was severe and therefore in 2005, after much consultation with insurance companies, storefront manufacturers and engineers, R&J was asked to completely strip all sealants and replace them with a structural silicone.

In addition 2005 saw a further paint application to freshen the appearance of this landmark building, plus removal and reapplication of sealants at the window locations. 

2008 saw the introduction of some window change-outs on two floors; this planned update shows the forward thinking of the board and management.    

In 2009 we began the delicate process of replacing damaged concrete on the pool deck and parking garage beneath.  Corrosion damage is severe with safety the #1 issue.  The pool deck finish is protected by Mapelastic waterproof coating.

2013 saw a new restoration and paint application. The necessary restoration on the main building was fairly small owing to the regular maintenance initiated by good management decisions.


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