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Bayshore Bath & Tennis Club
Daytona Beach


Click here to see larger photoThe famous twin towers just north of the Seabreeze bridge on the intracoastal have long been a landmark in Daytona Beach. Since the original construction heavy rains have created annoying flooding of the lower garage. Water intrusion has been originating from the planters of the upper floor, a very difficult and expensive waterproofing problem if conducted from the exterior or positive side. 

We recommended the use of specially formulated urethanes which are injected into the wall when moisture is present. The urethane grout reacts with the water and creates a foam which 'chases' the water leaving behind a sealed opening or crack. At last check Bayshore was 100% dry, a remarkable achievement at a very reasonable cost.  

2007 saw Bayshore receive a complete restoration and waterproofing treatment.  The concrete balcony rails were replaced or repaired as needed, the elevated balcony decks receiving a urethane coating system and the vertical walls receiving elastomeric coatings.  The final phase was to apply urethane coatings on the huge promenade deck. Many thanks go to a very supportive management  team, maintenance personnel and of coarse the Board of Directors.  This was a text book project from start to finish. 


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