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The loss of soil at seawall locations can cause dangerous voids and potential pooldeck collapse.  Settling soils or concrete cracking on the property side can be the first sign that erosion is occurring.  The storms of 2004 caused tremendous stresses on the area seawalls with several properties suffering major damage caused by concrete cracking or deteriorated panel junctures.  

What can be done?  

R&J Coatings and Waterproofing, Inc. will inject hydrophobic polyurethane soil stabilizers behind the seawall.  These materials saturate the soils and slowly solidify leaving a chemically inert rock-like substance.  They can be injected to target degraded panels or cracks, to seal these weak areas and provide soil stabilization.  This system will prevent further erosion and washout.   

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Seawall before and after damage from storms and high tides



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